What’s the farmhouse, anyway?

The Farmhouse is located in the heart of Hollywood, California and is home to Farmhouse Publishing and (formerly) Farmhouse Conf. The Farmhouse and The Friends of the Farmhouse collaborate together or produce separately a slew of projects.


Civ The Dog

Civ is 13 and a half years old. She’s battling two cancers (chest and liver). We’ve been running a fund-raiser to help defeat her medical bills and get her past this. Fortunately, a lot of people have been very generous and supportive. My undying thanks to everyone that has contributed. It’s Civ’s house, I just live here. — Shane


Farmhouse Conf

Farmhouse Conf was the greatest backyard storytelling conference there ever was. Nestled underneath a 111 year old avocado tree and in a charming old barn, FHC was sometimes described as somewhere in between Ted Talks, This American Life and a Fourth of July BBQ. FHC5 was the final show.