Mapping the LA Tech Scene

By Tara Brown at Farmhouse Conf 2

Tara Brown

Recently Tara wrote a popular post on Forbes about how LA is going to take over the Silicon Valley as the hottest place to run a tech startup. This post received both positive cheers from the LA startup community and guffaws from Silicon Valley. In her talk Tara will talk about the history of the LA tech scene and map out where the startups and money guys (VCs, incubators) are within LA County.

Tara Tiger Brown has designed, developed and led innovative software development projects for 15 years. Her primary focus has always been on excellent user experience, anywhere data access, online communities, and open platforms.

She is currently immersed in a startup she co-founded, Teach Me Stuff, a digital media learning (DML) platform that matches interest-driven learners with mentors and coaches.

Previously she co-founded Noot, a real-time interactive mobile sports game and before that worked at Shazam, Topspin and Microsoft.

She’s passionate about getting more women into the technology field via the ladies technology group she founded, LAdy Tacos and as a contributor for ForbesWoman.

In an effort to showcase the soft spoken tech scene in LA, she wrote the Forbes piece Why Los Angeles Will Outpace Silicon Valley As The Tech Startup Capital and is currently working with startups and startup spaces to give LA a louder voice.

In her spare time she works on ridiculous things like: Cat Workout; crowd-sourced music videos: We Are The Doorways; and storytelling: TransmediaLA.

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