Resilience in the Face of Total Collapse

By Julie Ann Horvath at Farmhouse Conf 5

Julie Ann Horvath

Every end collapse marks a new beginning. But where does momentum to start something new come from? Where does resilence originate?

I want to tell you all my own story of personal resilience and how the best of things can come from the worst of situations. Or, how I learned to take power away from those who thrive on negativity and conflict and use it to create beautfiul movements of empowerment for those of us who deserve a better world.

Julie Ann Horvath is a designer and frontend developer at GitHub. She likes to think of herself as an open source advocate with a big heart for making mockups in markup. She spends a lot of her time speaking at conferences and volunteering to teach (more) women to code.

She’s also the creator and organizer of Passion Projects, a monthly talk series designed to help surface and celebrate the work of incredible women in the tech industry.

Video by Coby Randquist. Higher resolutions available at Confreaks.