Stables and Volatiles

By Michael Lopp (@rands) at Farmhouse Conf 3

Michael Lopp (@rands)

On your team, there is an emerging war and if you want your team, company, and products to remain relevant, you need to encourage it.

Michael Lopp is a Silicon Valley-based engineering leader who builds both people and software at companies such as Borland, Netscape, Apple, and Palantir. While he's not worrying about staying relevant, he writes about pens, bridges, people, poker, and werewolves at the popular weblog, Rands in Repose.

Michael has written two books. "Being Geek" is a career handbook for geeks and nerds alike. His first book "Managing Humans, 2nd Edition" is a popular guide to the art of engineering leadership and clearly explains that while you might be rewarded for what you build, you will only be successful because of your people.

Michael surfs, plays hockey, and drinks red wine in the redwoods of Northern California whenever he can because staying sane is more important than staying busy.

Video by Nate Cornett, Austin Brown and Omar de Armas. Higher resolutions available at Confreaks.