By Meghann Millard at Farmhouse Conf 1

Meghann Millard

Meghann Millard is a partner at Unspace Interactive, a web consultancy based in Toronto, Canada. She excels at facilitating anything, being smug, and Lorum Ipsuming her bios. She's a Pragmatic Sorcerer and Former Transformer. Or whatever.

She'll talk about the parallels of our tech niche to the music industry in its thriving days of yore, but why that doesn't have to suck, in the Hunter S. Thompson sense. She has lots of stories about how the Unspace gang (90% music industry expatriates) have used their collective experience there to create awesome stuff and engage and entertain people within our own community. There are some cautionary (and unintentionally funny) tales of woe in there too.

Video by Coby Randquist. Higher resolutions available at Confreaks.